President's Speech

President's Speech

More than three decades from now in 1989, after my adolescence I went to study at Rajshahi College, one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. At that time, students from North Bengal and other parts of the country used to come to study in this great institution.

Many famous teachers of all subjects used to teach us in Rajshahi College then. I am still overwhelmed by the personalities of those respected teachers, and thrilled by their morals. At that time, our Rajshahi College used to give very good results not only in Rajshahi Board, but in the whole of Bangladesh, which has continued in recent years.

The memories of those times are sweet to all our friends, including me. Time has passed in the depths of time, but the memories continue to inspire us to find beauty in the way of life. That's why I always go back to forget the fatigue and mistakes of life to reminisce about all those days.

To keep the memory of friendship alive, we officially started the journey of RCHSC91 in 2021 with the aim of creating and strengthening communication, cooperation and amicable relationship among those who were admitted in class XI in Rajshahi College in 1989-90 session, studied and participated in HSC examination in 1991. It is pleasure that we have continued communication and mutual cooperation in the past. The formation of RCHSC91 will be considered a non-political, non-profit, social and friendly organization.

I believe RCHSC91 will make the mutual relationship between our friends more dynamic to sincerity and brotherhood.
May friendship be intact forever.


Rakib Ahmed